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A Child’s Greatest Need is a Loving Home


You Can Help That Happen

Adoption Changes Lives

Based on their own experience, Gina and her husband Richard are passionate about supporting adoption. Tragically, millions of children are alone in the world today. At the same time, millions of couples are eager to have a child of their own.

We’re doing our part to bridge that gap with the Gina Alexander Philanthropy Project. It’s a big part of what Gina Alexander is all about. Just by being a member of our community, and helping us build the business, you are contributing to the Project. In the near future, we’ll be creating ways for you to be more directly involved in helping underserved kids, if that’s what you’d like.


What do You feel

Right now, here’s a simple step that would be immensely useful for us. Just let us know if supporting adoption is something that you feel is worthwhile. Click the button below. It will give us a measure of how many people share our passion to make life better for kids.

YES! Supporting Adoption is a Worthy Purpose

Other Ways to Help Kids

Gina Alexander is looking for other ways to bring joy and nourishment to children in need. We already have the amazing experience of working with Kobe Bryant to bring underserved kids from Asia to his famous Basketball Academy in Santa Barbara.

In that spirit, we’ll be planning new initiatives that can involve our Designers. We’ll be asking for their input, so be ready with your ideas as you come on board as a new member of our family!