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Over the years we have found these questions to be the most frequently asked. If you do not see an answer to your question on this page, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team directly. They will be happy to assist you with any ordering needs you have.


Uploading your photo 

After you have placed a item in your shopping cart, the website will take you to your shipping cart show you what you have ordered so far. To the right to your chosen product look for a button that is labeled "Upload Your Image". Click on that button and a new window will pop up. Click on the "Choose File" button. This allows you to browes your computer for the image you wish to choose. TIP: (Save the photo you want to use for your photo handbag as a jpg with a identifiable description like "johnny at the park" on your desktop so when you are browing you can easally find the image.) Next, add notes or cropping instructions in the note box help help us in designing the perfect bag for you! Then click on upload and after the image is upload to our website you will be directed back to your shopping cart to continue shopping or check out. It's that easy!


Can I place an order and not submit a photo till later?

Yes you can. You can place an order or take advantage of special sales and not submit a photo. You have 1 year from the day of the purchase to submit the photo.We call this a Pre-Order Reservation in which you can lock in a sale price for up to 1 year. For terms and conditions for Pre- Order Reservations please click HERE

If I am not ordering online, where do I mail my form? 

Please mail your form, photograph and payment to:
Gina Alexander, Inc. – Orders
PO Box 10577
Burbank, CA 91209

What credit cards are accepted? 
Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

Do you accept Check/Money Order? 
We only accept Check or Money Order when you are mailing in your order. Make Check/Money Order payable to Gina Alexander, Inc.

Can I use my Gina Alexander, inc. Gift Certificates/Card? 
Yes, you can use your Gina Alexander, Inc. Gift Certificates/Card at checkout. If your grand total exceeds the balance or your Gift Certificate/Card, an accepted credit card must be entered in order to check out. You may view the balance of your Gift Certificate/Card by clicking here.

When do you charge my order? 
Your payment will be processed when your order is placed. If we are not able to fulfill your order your credit card will be refunded.

How will the charge appear on my credit card? 
GINA ALEXANDER, INC. will appear on your credit card statement.

I do not live in California but I am requesting my bag to be shipped to a California address, will my order be taxed?
No, sales tax is only applicable for California residents. It does not apply to the recipients address.

Can I use any photograph I want?
All submitted photos must be of your own private property. Any photographs with copyrights must be accompanied with legal permission from the owner.

Will I receive my photograph(s) back?
We make every effort to take care of each customer's photograph that is received. Due to production, we cannot always guarantee the return or the same condition by which a photograph(s) is received. Please DO NOT send us your ONLY copy for the production of you handbag.


What is Sepia Tone?
Sepia Tone is a photographic finish which causes your photograph to look vintage. The designers turn your photo to black and white and then give it a brass antique look. Some people say it's turning your photo into an 'old fashion' photograph.

Can I use two different photos for each side of my handbag?
Yes! It is an additional $50 fee to your order to design your handbag with two different photos. This is purely for set-up reasons.

What is Underglass?
Underglass is a handbag design feature where we sew a thick plastic layer over the printed fabric. This creates a small air pocket between the plastic and the fabric.

What are your photo requirements? 
All digital images and photographs must be horizontal, with plenty of room on all edges and make sure that all subjects’ vital elements (example: head, shoulders, arms and chin) are not too close on all edges. Digital images must be at least 300 dpi, 1024 X 768 pixels. Photographs must be at least 4 X 6 and not over  11 X 8.5 inches. Photos that are printed on paper is not acceptable. Please make sure your main subject in the photograph is at least the size of a coin (US$.25 -Quarter).

Can you do special cropping with the photograph?
The Design Team of Gina Alexander, Inc. will render your photograph to assist in the design of your particular handbag and hold all rights to artistic design. All images will be rendered to fit the measurements required for your chosen bag style.
Will my photograph be an 'iron-on' transfer which is made into a bag?
No. Your photograph will be set through a special design process. This process entails taking your photograph and processing it right onto the fabric through a special technique that is exclusive to Gina Alexander, Inc. This fabric is then handmade into your individual bag.

What kind of fabric is used in designing my bag?
On most products, your photograph is processed right onto our sturdy but beaurtiful canvas fabric. This fabric will also ensure the image's integrity and is smooth to the touch. Few other products are printed on canvas fabric for durability. All product info is available to you on the website for each item.



I have been using my handbag heavily since I received it and it has gotten pretty dirty. Is there a way to clean it?
Yes. Your handbag is pretty durable but does need some cleaning maintenance from time to time. We suggest spot treating your handbag with your basic soap and water. Use a wet towel and dab the dirt of the bag. Let dry and then scotch guard. Some handbag users have brought them into professional handbag cleaners as well.
Do you recommend any specific cleaners for spot treating your handbags?
Yes. We use and recommend Carbona-Stain Devils for spot removing on our fabrics. Please understand that Gina Alexander Inc does not guarantee any faults of use or cleaning defects which may come from using this cleaner. Please use at your own risk and discretion.

Further questions ?
Please email info@ginaalexander.com