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The key to a great bag is choosing the right photo to insure a great looking Gina Alexander Photo Handbag!

Please review the following ‘tips’ to understand the photo to fabric design elements.

1. Cropping the photograph to best feature the main subject.
Cropping the particular photograph won't be a problem. Just let us know how you want your photo to be cropped so that our designers will then know what part of the photo to place a majority of the focus.  Note: Cropping is varied according to photo and bag type. PLEASE DO NOT CUT OR CROP YOUR OWN PHOTOGRAPH.


2. Make sure the main subject in the photograph is the right size.
Since the photograph will be processed right onto the fabric of the handbag, it is very important that you choose a photograph where your main subject is at least the size of a US quarter. This will ensure the quality of your image on your handbag. Please make sure that the photo is no smaller than a 4” x 6” and no larger than an 8” x 10”.


3. Make sure your main subject(s) are not composed near the edges.
The designers at Gina Alexander, Inc. will render your photograph to best fit your design and will make every effort to make sure that we do not lose a hand, a face or anything important from not being seen on your handbag. One way you can make sure this doesn't happen, is by choosing the right photo. It is very important that your main subject(s) are located on or near the center of your photograph. This will ensure that no 'cut offs' will happen to your image on your actual handbag.


The designers of Gina Alexander, Inc. hold all rights to artistic rendering of your photo. We have found that horizontal photos are found to fit the handbag shapes with very limited rendering.


5. Please do not submit licensed, copyrighted or trademarked photographs.
If you have the rights to the image, please send a permission document signed and provided by your photographer with your order. A representative may call or email you to make sure that there are no infringements with this law. Thank you.


6. When submitting a digital photo or a scanned original copy to CD.
If you do not want to send an original photo, you can scan the image and burn it to a CD for submission. When scanning in your photograph, please scan your photograph with these requirements: 300 dpi x 150% enlargement.

  •      Make sure you save your photograph as a .jpg file.
  •      Print out a copy of the original photo for photo reference.


When using a digital photograph from your digital camera, make sure the photograph was taken at these file image sizes: 1024 x 768 pixels or 1280 x 960 pixels. Depending on the model of your particular digital camera and its particular pixel ability, the pixels will determine the quality of your actual photo.

**Please avoid submitting inkjet/laser printed copies of your digital photos. If you have no other photo, please be advised to expect the quality of the photo on the photo paper will be the same quality on the handbag.