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Gina Alexander has been making life beautiful for thousands of people all around the world since the 1990s. She’s a designer with a passion for quality, an eye for detail, and a gift for creativity. When she began putting people’s most treasured images on handbags, the response was instantaneous. From her tiny kiosk in Hollywood, she served customers of every kind — including megastars like Elizabeth Taylor.Kobe Bryant.Ashanti.

Children First

Gina cares equally about making life beautiful for children, especially those who are in greatest need. She started her business to cover the high costs of adopting her own child, and went on to create the Gina Alexander Philanthropic Project to help dozens of other children find loving homes.

As well as supporting adoption, Gina has partnered with Kobe Bryant to bring underserved children from Asia to Kobe’s Basketball Academy in California.

Making Your Life Beautiful, Too!

Today, Gina Alexander is making life beautiful in yet another way. She’s creating a fun and rewarding home-based business for anyone who loves our unique products and wants to enjoy a new source of income.

Gina’s impact on people’s lives, not just in the US but around the world, springs from her unstoppable determination to make a difference. Without any effort to promote herself, she’s been featured on major TV shows like the Dr. Phil Show, the Tyra Banks Show and Celebrity Apprentice.

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